Please feel free to leave a comment or share a memory you have of Jimmy.

January 29, 2017
Name: Harry O'Brien
Email: mfortkort[at]
McNaughton's, you are a beautiful caring, kind family. I wish you all the best and I hope I see you soon , God willing🙏 Harry O

January 28, 2017
Name: Timmy Coan
Email: irishtcmp[at]
So while we were ramping up at FT Dix before deploying your constantly going through training and classes. This particular evolution was land navigation lol! The reason I laugh is because Jimmy was our team leader (hence SSG) in our group of 6. Upon retrieving our objective Jimmy proceeds to evaluate his soldiers so as to assign tasks. I'm hysterical typing this haha! He looks over at me being the only other SGT in the group and with a half smile shakes his head at me and says “Coan....I'm not even going to bother....he chuckles, your amazing…you cant read a map…but yet you somehow find away to not only get off base…but, but, know where every good bar/club along with the owners and staff in NJ”? Manzo walks by and Jimmy says to him "Chris!!! Manzo looks over at our team…laughs and tried to trade Jimmy for me lol! Jimmy laughs and said "No way, SGT Coan is my right hand man, after this exercise I might start drinking Lmao! You'll always be here and alive within all who knew you my friend.

March 26, 2015
Name: Jason Wilhelmsen
Email: Civdivj[at]
I now have the honor of wearing your commemorative t-shirt given to me by my uncle Steve Beck. I will wear it proudly as you rest in heaven looking down on all of us with the expectation that we will make a difference as you have in your professional endeavors. Semper fidelis.

December 16, 2014
Name: SGT. Donrick Blevins
Email: Donrick[at]
Jimmy was a member of a personal security detail that I was also attached to. Jimmy was an officer from the NYPD, and he was training new Iraqi police officers at their compound in downtown Baghdad...I was the details medical specialist, I had been on the detail with Jimmy for about 4 months and during that time I got to know him pretty well as he and I rode in the same vehicle together and ate together everyday.,...He was a class act. He was a great soldier, a great officer, and a truly wonderful person to be around. I have often struggled with the fact that such an upstanding young man lost his life, but Jimmy was a patriot and he was proud of his county and his service to it. Jimmy McNaughton is a hero and he will never be forgotten.

September 13, 2014
Name: John R
Email: Jrrbny[at]
James it would have been an honor to work with. Never had the opportunity. Will be running in your honor at Fort Hamilton's run for the fallen tomorrow along with fellow members from my Navy Reserve unit and fellow police officers. God Bless you and your family. Cheers

May 27, 2014
Name: Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Thinking of you this Memorial Day... Rest in Peace

May 26, 2014
Name: SGT Kris Shafer
Email: slayer2942[at]
SSG McNaughton was my role model as I worked through the ranks. Always putting his Soldiers first and standing up for them. When asked why I kept going back, I simply say for my brothers. Rest in Peace Brother. We shall never forget you.

May 25, 2014
Name: CW3(ret) Jose Soto
Email: Jhandcuff69[at]
Jimmy, you are still our hero brother. We miss you dearly. You took on a mission without reservation, so that others can have the best possible chance to go home. Well, you were called up to Heaven too soon brother, but never to be forgotten. It is sacrifices like yours our fore-fathers made to preserve this freedom we enjoy today. This nation as well as the members of the 306th Military Police Battalion salute you today and always. Until we meet again.

February 26, 2014
Name: Tommie Waiters
Email: mp1757[at]
James was an outstanding person and friend. He was understanding a lived life to the fullest he never stopped wanting to help other. James will live for in my heart. Love ya brother.

January 25, 2014
Name: Harry Weatherly
Email: yodae9[at]
Today We Honor Jimmy - American Hero. My NYPD Brother - Detective Tim Quinn - Will Be There At the Pub For Me And Him. Tim Started Out In “The Hole” (Transit) and I Am Retired Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant (28 Years) and Last 14 Years A North Carolina Sworn Leo. God Bless Jimmy. God Bless His Family And Friends. Let It Be Known - We Know And Keep Jimmy In Our Hearts. Semper Fi………...……..Micky

September 14, 2013
Name: John G. Ross
Email: Jrrbny[at]
I will be running in honor of PO/SSG McNaughton today at the run for the fallen in Bay Ridge Brooklyn (Fort Hamilton). As a fellow PO and Navy Reservist it is an honor to do so. God Bless this American Hero and his loved ones.

August 16, 2013
Name: SSG David M Crawford US Army Ret
Email: d.crawford1210[at]
I was with Jimmy that fateful day. He was an awesome person to serve with. I think about him every day and he will never be forgotten. I some times think of what I could have done different that day but nothing I could have done would change his dedication to his mission. All I can say is I didn't know him long but he will forever be my friend. Love you brother.

May 27, 2013
Name: Greg Nagurka
Email: gnagurka[at]
Memorial Day is a time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As I sit here at Camp Sabalu-Harrison, Afghanistan I remember Jimmy and how he is truly my hero. The 333rd MP BDE (formally 800th MP BDE) does not forget Jimmy as well. I saw Jimmy's name on a huge sign today paying tribute for the reserve soldiers we lost in OIF/OEF right under the the U.S. flag at Camp Sabalu-Harrison, Afghanistan. We will never forget. Never.

August 05, 2012
Name: Mike Hamilton
Email: Mphnj[at]
Jimmy was my assistant in 1999-2000 when I was the CSM of the 18th MP Bde in Mannheim, Germany. I picked him over almost a thousand other Soldiers because he was just a awesome troop. Jimmy, of Mac as I called him traveled all over Germany visiting all the units in our brigade and numerous over night trips. He was funny, smart and super loyal and trustworthy. Jimmy was a Soldier's Soldier. I think of him daily, and miss his smile and keen wit. God Bless you Jimmy.

August 02, 2012
Name: Vinny
Email: vzecca1[at]
Hard to believe it's been 7 years. Miss you brother!

May 23, 2012
Name: Jeff Freund
Email: jeff.freund[at]
You honored my son David with a scholarship in honor of James last night. We couldn't be prouder. David's Uncle Steve Gilner died in the line of duty 7/24/99, as a Cobb County, GA police officer. He has been an inspiration to David. I know your son's legacy will also impact David as he now takes his first steps towards pursuing his career in law enforcement. My family is honored to have this connection to James. I know David will make James proud. Jeff Freund

May 22, 2012
Name: Monica Letizia
Email: Monstica[at]
I didn't know SSG McNaughton personally but I returned from Keller Army Community Hospital recently with my seven year old son for his doctors appointment. We noticed the beautiful tree and plaque outside the hospital in James' memory. My son asked me who was SSG McNaughton. I explained to my son that James was a true hero and selfless person. I also noticed that he was an NYPD Officer. Being from New York City coming from a family of police officers and married to an active duty soldier, I was able to explain to my son the true meaning of selfless device and sacrifice. Your son will not be forgotten. With Memorial Day coming up he will be in my thoughts and prayers. Monica Letizia

March 15, 2012
Name: Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Although we knew each other for a short time at transit district 2, i will never forget you and the sacrifice you made. You are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

January 20, 2012
Name: Carol
Email: Carol.ca115[at]
I just read the article about your son, Jimmy, in the Daily News. We live in New Jersey and my family and I are so very proud and grateful for your son and others like him who gave up their life for us, for our freedom. We remember our brave soldiers every single day and I hold a special place in my heart for them even though I've never met them. I've written to wounded soldiers for years and have adopted soldiers and platoons. They are very special people and it sounded like your son was an amazing selfless person. Why is it we have parades for everything & everybody else and not our true heroes? They couldn't have gotten some soldiers to press the button on New Years in Times Square instead of Lady Gaga! I wish I could be there on Saturday to honor your son but we will be thinking of him and his family. We will never forget.

January 19, 2012
Name: Jennie Silvestri
Email: jsilvestri7[at]
I did not know Jimmy. I read about him in today's Daily News and just wanted to say God Bless him and his family.

January 19, 2012
Name: Bridget A. Cassese
Email: bcassese[at]
Dear Jimmy, I know you are safe in the arms of Jesus in heaven. Thank you for your service in the police department and in the military. Your sacrifice for our beloved country is what true heroes are made of. Pray for those of us left here, especially your loving family, that we may one day see you in heaven. A grateful American.

August 04, 2011
Name: Lee Tabor
Email: leeh1969[at]
I was shocked when I stumbled upon a picture of James on the internet. I had no idea that this young man, that I had met several years ago, had been killed. James was a new to the Army and new Soldier serving at Fort Irwin, California when I met him. I remember him being a very respectful Soldier that took pride in his uniform. My heart goes out to his family. There are really no words to express my gratitude for his service to our great nation. He did not die in vain. A TRUE AMERICAN HERO! And... a member of the NYPD! You really did it all James! James, your life was cut short, but from what I've read, it's sounds like you were doing what you believed in. What a noble profession. You have set a wonderful example for others to follow and I know your family is very proud! Thank you James! You will not be forgotten. Sincerely, Lee Tabor SFC, USA (Ret.)

August 01, 2011
Name: Bill and Michele McNaughton
Email: transit1992[at]
Its been 6 years since you made the ultimate sacrifice, and there hasn't been one minute that we haven't looked for you to walk in that door. We use you as an example to live by, your friends they also have used you as an example, even if it was for one of your stupid jokes. Your missed deeply every day, we will try to celebrate your life on this day in a true military fashion, as we do every year. As you would say, "FOLLOW ME" we do. Love Dad and Michele

July 22, 2011
Name: Grisel Paredes
Email: drix163[at]
Its been 6yrs Jimmy and u r still in our hearts....God knows we love you and miss day I know we will meet again. We will never forget you. We will always keep your name going in PRIDE. LOVE YOU r a Man's Man. You are the example for our future

June 19, 2011
Name: Tom Tabaczynski
Email: zzztab[at]
Mr. McNaughton, I learned about your loss when I saw you on CNN on Veterans' Day 2008. I often think of you and Jimmy, especially on this Father's Day. My heartfelt thanks for sharing your memories and photos of Jimmy--and for giving me this opportunity to say, "I care." Please think of this entry as a hug from me.

June 10, 2011
Name: Christopher E Sefcik
Email: chris.sefcik[at]
Hello, my name is Christopher E. Sefcik. I am the oldest son of Donald E. Sefcik. My father is now a retired NYPD Officer who worked hand in hand with James. I am not sure if you ever met my father but he does talk about James from time to time. He asks me about my experience in Iraq and always brings James into discussion. I was in Basic training when I found out my fathers partner was killed. My father was devastated. I had several bracelet's made in James's memory. My father, brother, and I know wear them proudly and never take them off. I never met James but his ultimate sacrifice to our country will never be forgotten.

June 06, 2011
Name: Marc S. Smith
Email: mjk4839[at]
I served with Jimmy at Ft. Irwin and was his NCOIC on the SRT. I am currently serving a tour in Afghanistan and wanted to post that this past memorial day, I found myself thinking about Jimmy. I remember his dedication to serve in the military as an MP and his conviction to be a NYPD officer. He often spoke of following in his families footsteps. I know his family is proud of his accomplishments and I consider myself lucky to have served with him. God bless and for the troops!

May 30, 2011
Name: The Lee Family
Email: Cmlee230[at]
Thinking of the McNaughton family today Memorial Day. Thank you James for contribution in the name of FREEDOM. We are thinking of your family today. You are our Hero. God Bless

May 30, 2011
Name: Kate Noble
Email: katemnoble73[at]
I worked with SSG McNaughton, then SPC McNaughton, at the 18th MP BDE in Mannheim GE. He was so full of life and funny to be around. Even in his struggles, he kept a positive attitude. He was so young then. As I look back at all that he became as he grew, I'm so very proud of his sense of duty and patriotism. He truly had the heart of a servant! McNaugton, I know you're looking down on us and so I say to you, it was my honor to know and serve with you. I count you as one of my heros! God Bless and keep you. ~Ora pro nobis

Name: A.J.
Email: ajhuflpuf[at]
Thinking of SSG Jimmy McNaughton, as always.

May 20, 2011
Name: Jody Suarez
Email: rip2k8[at]
Thinking of you. You've been with me since Abu Ghraib. You are always with me, never forgotten. Sending a prayer for you and your family. God bless or Heroes!

January 22, 2011
Name: Michael Acevedo
Just wanted to pass this information on, that the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 12080, Law Enforcement memorial Post was created to honor the memory of SSGT. McNaughton. The post commander is PO Mike Martinez, NYPD, District 3. We will never forget his sacrifice. Cpl Michael A. Acevedo, USMC, 1985-1989, Korea Defense-Cold War, Semper Fidelis

January 16, 2011
Name: Rich Von Voigt Sr
Email: Vondefense653[at]
To the McNaughton family, I'm truly sorry for your loss. I know Jimmy could only have been a true hero and a great Police Officer.I worked Transit Police many years ago before NYPD took it over. My son Rich who is in The USAF training for The PJ program as I write this note. My son has met Mr McNaughton at the Calverton Cemetery and my son was greatly moved by the sacrifice young Jim made and that his father personally maintains his grave site. I just want to say thank you for your sons sacrifice for our Country and God bless your family. Rich Von Voigt

January 15, 2011
Name: Keith Young
Email: keiyou6do[at]
did not really know James but just want all his family members and friends to know how much i appreciate everything he and all his military buddies do everyday for us and all the risk they take each and everyday to keep our freedom here and to keep all our younger children safe for a better future for there kids and family someday,I do service the military in a company I work with and know the good and also the sad things that come with it,so to James and the McNaughton family I solute all of you and to all the good James did for us,if there is anything i can ever help out with please keep me in mind it would mean a lot to me to be there for James and all who served in the military with him to make this a better place for us to live.God bless all of you the Young family/Patchogue, NY

January 12, 2011
Name: Battaglia Family
Email: amiavita[at]
As a parent having one child in the military and another one getting ready to go soon, I can imagine the grief you are feeling. A grief that is my nightmare. Our children are the jewels of a lifetime in the making and God blesses those that give passionately without a moment of doubt for their country. My condolences to his family and may God blesses them all. A Father

December 23, 2010
Email: TUFF4U88[at]YAHOO.COM

November 3, 2010
Name: Jerry Thomason
Email: jwaynethomason[at]
I was with the Air Force 447th Expeditionary Security Forces and worked with Jimmy's unit, 18 MP Brigade while in Iraq. It's been more than 5 years but it seems like yesterday. I often think of his sacrifice and share his story and although I did not know Jimmy personally, we were brothers in war. Rest in peace!

October 9, 2010
Name: Mitchell Friedman
Email: jfriedman36[at]
I was James McNaughton's first Company Commander at Fort Irwin CA, and enjoyed the times we spent together. He was always making people laugh. It was an honor to serve with James. RIP

September 29, 2010
Name: Andres Ortiz
Email: alo2007[at]
God bless you and your family Jimmy. I served in the 18th M.P. BDE with Jimmy and we had lots in common as we were both from N.Y. We actually talked about being on the NYPD together, he got out before me and I stood in and went CID. We shared good times at the Irish Pub in Mannheim, Germany. Jimmy was always there for me. He always talked about his dad, and was very proud of him. Jimmy was a big fan of "The Doors". God bless you Jimmy!!! I will never forget you or the selfless service you gave to our great nation.

August 3, 2010
Name: Mike Donovan
Email: donogunn[at]
May God watch over this brave young mans soul and peace upon those he has left behind. I am a detective in the NYPD and work in the 90th precinct detective squad. Such men are as Winston Churchill said "the defenders of freedom and civilization."

August 3, 2010
Name: Lou Camerada
Email: louie7711[at]
God bless Jimmy and his family. As time goes by, not many remember; but his family in blue will never forget.

May 28, 2010
Name: Joseph Muniz
Email: g.i.joey[at]
We lost something great. Ssg. McNaughton, I never got a chance to thank you. Your guidance and leadership has inspired so many of us to do great things in the military. We proudly carry your legacy with us. I miss you bro.

April 13, 2010
Name: Brett
Email: nyjets933[at]
Happy 32nd birthday brother.... you are greatly missed.

March 05, 2010
Name: Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Worked with James briefly. You and your family remain in my prayers.

February 20, 2010
Name: Marc Smith
Email: mjk4839[at]
I served with Jimmy from 1998 to 2000, at Ft. Irwin, CA. He was a remarkable young man when I knew him. We served together on the SRT and spent many days working the road together.

February 15, 2010
Name: Jeri Lusk Smith
Email: jll1211[at]
I knew Jimmy when he was a Specialist at Ft. Irwin, CA. I was his squad leader for a short time and he kept me on my toes. He was a jokester, but an MP you know you could count on. I just remember that he was just a kid, a baby really. I went to his wedding and he was wearing that silly hat. Always smiling. I will always remember him.

January 19, 2010
Name: Stacy Berwick
Email: StacyBerwick[at]
Jimmy and I were stationed in Germany together at the 18 MP BDE. Every once in a while I will go thru a box of old photos from that time and see a pictures of Jimmy along with a few people we worked that was taken on a weekend trip to Switzerland to go snowboarding. He broke his hand that weekend and had to go to the medics to get it wrapped up with this silly bright yellow tape that we all picked on him about... but he was so determined to finish out the day on the slopes. Every time I see those pictures, I have to smile. Jimmy is truly missed, and I am so proud to say that he was a friend of mine and that we served this great country together!

December 19, 2009
Name: Eddie McNaughton
Miss you so much. I think about you every day Jimmy, and i always think about how i wish i could have spent more time with you, and it sucks that now, we would have had so much fun, and done so many things that i couldn't do when i was little. I just remember playing with your T-maxx in my front yard when the Chevelle was almost done, and have so much fun at the family reunion up in CT, and of course when you were home on leave for the last time, and just sitting on the porch, talking, and watching videos. I just hope everyday that you would be proud of me and Ryan, and the men that were trying to become. I miss you so much Jimmy, and I'll see you again one day.

November 01, 2009
Name: David Drago
Email: jellygoose1[at]
Comment: Just finished reading "Where Men Win Glory", the story of Pat Tillman. Made me think of you and conversations we had about him. Miss you buddy

Thursday, August 06, 2009
Name: Nick Russo
Email: nick.russo[at]
Comment: Bill and Michele,

I was with him at Abu I was serving with the 306th. I think about him EVERYDAY I talk to LTC Hussey I am going to make it up to you guys very soon. Nick Russo

Monday, May 04, 2009
Name: Terry Davis
Email: Terry.Davis[at]
Comment: Jimmy,
I am riding back to DC this Memorial Day with Rolling Thunder and will carry you with me, lets have a good ride!! Terry

Friday, May 01, 2009
Name: Grisel Paredes
Email: drix163[at]

Friday, May 01, 2009
Name: Grisel Paredes
Email: drix163[at]
Comment: Ryan u look so much like him...

Friday, May 01, 2009
Name: Grisel Paredes
Email: drix163[at]
Comment: James i will always remember the way u wanted to watch the "Girls Next Door" lol and we figured out the way to see it!!! I'm so happy that we figured it out and u got to see it!! We love You James!!

Friday, May 01, 2009
Name: Grisel Paredes
Email: drix163[at]
Comment: James was my soon to be brother in law... James is everything anyone could hope for. He is a mans man! We love him dearly... we all do!! Like he told my sister and us MAN UP!! And thats what i carry on to my son and family... He is my inspiration to keep going strong!! James Dennis McNaughton!! We Love You and will never forget you!! Lily will always be there for you and so will I.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Name: Lt Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Comment: Just thinking about the sacrifice you made serving your country. Thank you!! Rest in Peace

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Name: Stephen Wiench
Email: wiench[at]
Comment: listen to Howard Stern today and he metioned your name. I was crusing sms and saw your DA photo today too. You were a fast tracker with your 2 service stripes on your class A's. Thanks for your service; looks like you are missed by all your fiends and family.

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Name: Michelle Ring
Email: michellering30[at]
Comment: Dear God, Please look over Jimmy always and forever. Michelle Ring

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Name: SFC. Dennis M Reilly, Retired 800th Military Police Brigade
Email: dennis.m.reilly[at]
Comment:Assist Protect Defend

Jimmy made the ultimate sacrifice serving City State and Country. It was a Honor to know him and serve with him.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Name: Angela
Email: AHG728[at]

Thursday, June 05, 2008
Name: Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Comment: God Bless You, May you rest in peace

Thursday, January 31, 2008
Name: Breier
Comment: I sadly missed the gathering this year at Mulchay's. It was harder not being able to see my friends gathered together when I think about the great friend that we lost. When we're all together a piece of Jimmy is always with us and things just seem normal. To this day I still think about the pal we lost and then I think about the pal we had when he was here. It makes me happy to think of the times that we all had together and those will never be forgotten. Miss ya bro!

Friday, January 04, 2008
Name: Susan Cronin / Watral Bros Secretary
Email: Suzeqness[at]
Comment: When looking into the eyes of this man... One word comes to mind ~ H E R O. May God Bless Him And Hold Him Close.

Thursday, August 09, 2007
Name: Anthony Felice
Email: ajfjunior[at]
Comment: You will never be forgotten

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Name: Eddie
Email: TWISTER7SS[at]
Comment: I miss you Jimmy, cant belive its almost two years, feels just like yesterday. I wish i could have had more time to spend with you. I love you. Loud and Proud.

Friday, April 13, 2007
Name: Vinny
Email: vzecca1[at]
Comment: Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Name: Bonny
Comment: I can't even express the emotions I felt coming across this beautiful memorial of this boy I knew, who became a wonderfully brave man. I feel even still so honored to have had those years knowing him.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Name: Louis Menchise
Email: lgmench[at]
Comment: I served with Jim from the Spring of '01 until he deployed to Maryland. I remember telling him
and SPC Winter of the 306th that I heard (as I put it at the time) Gulf War II was inevitable. Jim raised his hands like he just scored the goal that won the Stanley Cup. Just like being a cop during 9-11, he wanted to serve the Army in the most challenging set of circumstances. I didn't deploy to Maryland, but was transferred to a unit that was in Iraq by June of '03. So far, 8 people I served with are no longer with us. I think of them all the time. The war against terror will be won. Evil never triumphs.

Friday, January 05, 2007
Name: Bill and Michele McNaughton
Email: transit1992[at]
Comment: Thanks to everyone for all your support and your kind words. Its what keeps him alive for us.

Monday, December 18, 2006
Name: Diaz family
Comment: No matter how brief the moments were with you, Jimmy, you will never be forgotten. What an honor it is to have known you. We know you are spending Christmas with Jesus this year. Until we are all reunited... Love, the Diaz family

Monday, December 11, 2006
Name: Xavier Zimmers
Comment: Heroes like James are the ones who make America great. God Bless

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Name: Ed
Comment: nice memorial

Saturday, November 25, 2006
Name: Ivan A.Maizus
Comment: Fidelis Ad Mortem - NYPD

November 05, 2006
Name: Janice (Miller) Kuziel
Comment: Beautiful memorial and salute to a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing this. We all miss you Jimmy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Name: artaid
Email: info[at]
Comment: just sharing a beautiful artwork with Jimmy's friends and family

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Name: ryan
Comment: miss u

Please feel free to leave a comment or share a memory you have of Jimmy.