James Dennis McNaughton was born in West Point Military Hospital, on April 13th, 1978.  His father, William, was stationed there as a cook.  William drove James home in the same 1969 Chevelle that they restored together 25 years later.  Centereach, Long Island is where Jimmy spent his life growing up. 

Everyone who knew Jimmy, knew he was an inspiration and a true hero.  But what often goes overlooked is how great of a person and a friend to us he was and still is.  Jimmy also had a great sense of humor.  One of Jimmy’s great passions was poker.  He loved to play cards and it showed on his many trips to Atlantic City.  

Another one of Jimmy’s great passions was his utmost pride for his country and his flag.  Jimmy’s first tattoo was the American Flag blowing in the wind.  Jimmy’s patriotism grew stronger when he joined the Army in the summer of 1996.  He served 5 years in the military and was honorably discharged in the summer of 2001, but not before enlisting in the reserves.  He joined the NYPD the very next day.  He was activated shortly after for his first deployment from October 2002 through 2003 for a secret mission in Maryland.  Jimmy was disappointed that he wasn’t over in Iraq, because to him going to serve in Iraq was like playing in the Super Bowl.  So in 2004 when the opportunity arose, he volunteered for deployment to Abu Graib.  This just shows how much courage and pride he had for his country.

On August 2nd, 2005, while training Iraqi police up in a tower, Jimmy was struck by a bullet, which unfortunately took his life. Jimmy, you have given us so many memories that will not be forgotten and so much that can not be put into words. We love you and miss you and will always think about you… until the day we meet again.