It's hard to believe but this year will be the 13th Tribute to Jimmy. Many of you have attended at least one and we hope that we get everybody back this year as we head back to our usual winter season event in January. Everyone please come out as we pay tribute to not only Jimmy, but the rest of our troops serving or who have served this wonderful country. Help support the PTSD Veterans Association of Northport, Inc., The James McNaughton Foundation and many other local charities $20 donation - Free Food, Drinks, Great Prizes This Years Entertainment: Drop Dead Sexy, Plunge, The NY Shields, Pipes, & Drums band, and many more special guests to be announced! In the last 12 years, we have had more then 13,000 people show up. Please forward on to friends and family as we continue to grow year over year. We want to make the 13th year the biggest and most special yet. Lets continue to make the event one of Long Island's biggest celebrations for a great cause!! We cannot forget! Hope to see everyone there!


This site is in honor of James D. McNaughton, a New York City Police Officer who was killed in Iraq. Jimmy was a Staff Sergeant with the Army Reserve's 306th Military Police Battalion, based out of Uniondale, Long Island. Coming from a family of police officers, he joined the NYPD a little over 8 years ago as a member of the first Police Academy class to graduate after 9/11. He was assigned to Transit Bureau, District 2 in Lower Manhattan. He reported for duty in the Army on October 4th, 2002. On August 2nd, 2005, Jimmy's Unit was assigned a dangerous mission, which was between him and a couple other Sergeants. Jimmy volunteered over the other soldiers because they had children and he knew the severity of the mission. While on this mission, Jimmy was training an Iraqi officer up in a tower and was struck by a sniper. James McNaughton, 27, was the first New York City Cop to give his life for his country as a soldier in the line of duty while serving in Iraq.